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Can children of a certain age make their own decisions?

The Short Answer is – Yes! Children are able to make their own decisions regarding parenting as they become older.  The typical age when this begins is between twelve (12) and thirteen (13) years old.  However, age is merely a proxy for a child’s stage of development or level of maturity.  Children may be permitted […]

Are there penalties for “parental alienation”?

Marginalizing a parent from a child’s life is a dangerous game that destroys separating families and has potentially lasting consequences on the physical and mental health of children.  For good reason, it also carries with it very serious consequences if challenged in court.  One of the most extreme remedies a court has available to it, […]

Should I sign my separation agreement without financial disclosure?

The short answer to this question is – absolutely not! The husband in the following case learned his lesson the hard way. In the recent case of Shalaby v Nafei 2022 ONSC 5615, the Honourable Justice Price refuses a husband’s request to summarily dismiss the wife’s claim that the separation agreement should be set aside, […]