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    Our lawyers have a proven track record of success in obtaining just results for their clients in the most cost effective manner.

    Court Alternatives
    • Parenting and Custody Disputes

    • Child and Spousal Support

    • Division of Assets

    • Divorce

    • Separation Agreements

    • Ontario Court of Appeal

    • Ontario Superior Court of Justice

    • Ontario Court of Justice

    • Ontario Family Court

    • Small Claims Court

    • Negotiation

    • Mediation

    • Arbitration

    • Mediation/Arbitration

    • Third party parenting professionals

    Featured Lawyers

    Erika MacLeod

    Erika MacLeod

    Erika is an experienced family lawyer focusing on high-conflict, complex, legal matters.  Her approach focuses on conflict reduction and early resolution by developing innovative solutions tailored to her client’s individual circumstances.

    Erika has successfully represented her client's at the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Justice.  She is also experienced in resolving her client's matters through out of court processes, such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.


    Jennifer Eensild

    Jennifer’s clients benefit from her flexible approach. She provides innovative and individualized solutions with the goal of reducing legal costs and settling matters in a timely fashion. However, she recognizes that settlement is not always possible. Though she is skilled in negotiation and collaboration, Jennifer is a litigator at heart. When necessary, Jennifer will not hesitate to commence litigation. She appears regularly in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

    Patrick MacMillan

    Patrick is an experienced trial lawyer who has been practicing family law for more than 10 years in both Ontario and Nova Scotia.  He is ready to assist his client's with any divorce related issue that they come up against.


    He has been successful at the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Divisional Court, but is also comfortable assisting individuals in out of court processes such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

    Patrick takes the time to understand the needs of his clients and then assists them in reaching their best possible outcome.




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