​The lawyers at MFC Law are experienced litigators. If your matter is in court, or your efforts to resolve your matter outside of the court process have failed, you can trust the lawyers at MFC Law to ensure that you have guidance and sound strategic advice when navigating the court system.

What does the court process look like?

There are three major court appearances that must take place before obtaining a final resolution to your matter at trial. These appearances in a family litigation include a first appearance, a settlement conference, and a trial management conference. In a civil matter the number of appearances will depend on whether the matter is in small claims court or superior court but will include similar steps as a family matter. At each step in a litigation proceeding, the expectation is that the parties make their best efforts to resolve as many issues as possible, and potentially settle the matter on their own with the assistance of their lawyers. Approximately ten percent of matters will make it to the trial stage of the court proceeding, meaning that the majority of matters are resolved by the parties themselves prior to trial.

If your matter is in court, or is going to court, you can expect to attend each step and obtain an opinion from a judge as to what the likelihood of success of your position at trial would be.

What if I need relief right away?

If you require temporary relief that cannot wait until trial, you can bring what is called a temporary motion. A temporary motion is a court proceeding before a judge who will make a decision that is meant to last only until a final order is made at trial. An example of relief sought at a temporary motion includes, disclosure of documents, release of information regarding potential witnesses, access/parenting arrangements, child support, spousal support, interim costs, exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, etc.

How long will litigation take?

It is impossible to estimate the total length of time it will take to resolve your litigation. The duration of a court proceeding will depend on the complexity of the issues, the demeanour of the parties, court resources, lawyer and client availability, and a number of additional factors.

How much does litigation cost?

It is impossible to estimate the total cost that will be involved in resolving your litigation. The cost will depend on the complexity of the issues, the number of court appearances, the demeanour of the parties, the requirement of experts, the involvement of third parties such as expert witnesses, and a number of additional factors.

For many individuals, the thought of litigation is overwhelming. If you are concerned about your ability to navigate the court system, or the length of time and cost that will be involved in resolving your matter in court, contact MFC Law for an initial consultation. An experienced lawyer will be able to assist you in determining the best strategy to resolve your matter in the most cost effective and expeditious manner.